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Roll Forming Services is proud to introduce "SIMPLY Roll Design" software.

Our software is so easy to use that practically no learning curve is required.
It is already used and trusted by hundreds of customers worldwide, including our own design professionals.

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SIMPLY Roll Design

Screenshot of SIMPLY Roll Design software showing a pattern known as a flower
  • Simple
  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Proven
  • Friendly
  • Interactive help
  • Metric & imperial design

  • Windows dialog boxes
  • Drawing preview
  • Strip width calculations
  • Custom viewports
  • Quick zooms
Screenshot of SIMPLY Roll Design software showing a microsoft windows dialog box

Screenshot of SIMPLY Roll Design software showing the number of passes
  • Scroll through the passes
  • See shaft & spacer outlines
  • Modify roll diameters and lengths
  • Change pass line
  • Rotate part or rolls

  • On-line help
  • In depth explanations
  • Warning messages
  • Roll forming experience at your finger tips
Screenshot of online help showing in depth explanations of bend type

Help videos
Program overview
How to enter a new part
How to create/edit a new flower diagram
How to generate rolls
How to start new flower diagram
How to change roll diameters